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Commercial Linen Supply and Laundry Services in New York. Long Island Uniform and Chef Wear, Linen Rentals and Delivery, Professional Linen Cleaning and Laundry for Towels, Aprons, Rugs and Tablecloths. Serving Long Island Restaurants, Pizzerias, and Delis for 50 Years.
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Bistro Aprons

Standard Aprons

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Aprons and Towels

Our apron and towel service is designed to make sense. Whether we own the inventory and you order only what you need, or whether you choose to own your inventory and outsource your laundry business to us, J&A Coat, Apron, Towel and Linen Service offers smart inventory, reliable delivery and simple fair billing.


All aprons are Spun Polyester for the best feel, body, color retention and absorbency. Our most popular styles include Standard and Bistro. We feature a pencil pocket and two lower book pockets. Aprons are available in a variety of colors and styles as follows:

Bistro apron: color choices of white or black
Standard apron: color choices include white, black, burgundy, navy, royal blue, forest green, chalk stripe


We offer a number of towel styles to accommodate any industry. We offer rental, laundering, and inventory services to a variety of bars and restaurants, pizzerias and delis, and spas, salons, and country clubs. If you maintain your own inventory, we keep your inventory separate and monitor Customer Owned Goods (COG) for signs of fray, wear, and staining.

The industry standard for towels is 22 oz. We maintain 32 oz towels to provide a softer, more absorbent towel to your business. This also means employees will use less towels, which saves you money.

Towel choices include:

Kitchen Towels (striped, to help differentiate)
Bar Mops
Massage Towels
Barber Towels
Bath Towels
Regular Towels
Rag Towels

Kitchen and Bar Towels

Massage Towels

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