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Commercial Linen Supply and Laundry Services in New York. Long Island Uniform and Chef Wear, Linen Rentals and Delivery, Professional Linen Cleaning and Laundry for Towels, Aprons, Rugs and Tablecloths. Serving Long Island Restaurants, Pizzerias, and Delis for 50 Years.
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Servicing Long Island for Over 60 Years, "Fourth Generation" and a Friendly Staff


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Bistro Aprons

Chef Wear and Uniforms

Why Choose Us

Excellent Working Relationships

Although we see our customers through regularly scheduled laundry pickup and delivery, we specifically speak with or visit our customers at least once a month to insure that we are continuing to meet our customers' long terms needs. Specific benefits to your business include:

  • Flexible, reliable, dependable laundry service
  • 60+ years industry expertise
  • Inventory services and management
  • Dedicated laundering and storage for COG (Customer Owned Goods)
  • Locally based so we can deliver in emergency situations
  • Competitive pricing
  • "Nice and Neat" laundry restocking services - we never just "drop and go"
  • We listen to our customers (what a concept!)
  • Fourth generation, family run business

If you have your own linens or aprons and towels:

  • You will benefit from lower prices as you don't pay for hiring, just laundering
  • "Clean and Pristine" - we monitor the quality of your linens and towels, and we will advise you to add new inventory to ensure high quality standards are maintained. We monitor for stains, fading, frays, and tears.
  • We will store your linens so you have more free space

If you currently have an on-premise laundry you will:

  • Save on staff expenses, energy bills and linen costs
  • Free up space to generate more income
  • Ultimately reduce costs in time and money related to laundry machine maintenance and breakdown
  • Be covered by emergency services in the event of over capacity or unexpected misfortune

Kitchen and Bar Towels

Massage Towels

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